Project management


Anecdotal evidence highlights that most organisations have experienced unsatisfactory project outcomes, which emphasises the need for discipline and adoption of proven project management strategies to ensure projects achieve robust and practical results.

We never take our eye off the ball when managing projects which in turn assists our clients to make decisions with confidence throughout their projects. Our project management methodologies whether agile or waterfall are performed in a structured, cost-effective and timely manner. We consider the cultural aspects of our client’s operations to determine the level of risk assessment to be undertaken. This ensures our clients are aware of issues encountered and options available to achieve project objectives, desired benefits and satisfactory outcomes.

Project evaluation


It is often beneficial upon completion of a project to undertake an independent evaluation to establish if the stated business objectives and benefits have been achieved.


Our evaluation methods include engaging with stakeholders to measure the intended business objectives and benefits against the project outcomes to identify where deficiencies may exist. We provide unbiased advice and recommendations on how best to overcome any shortfalls ensuring the business has a road map to achieve its return on investment.

Data cleansing, merging and migration support


As organisations become more complex and need to do more for less, the integrity of their data necessary to obtain valuable information can be compromised and lead to process inefficiencies and poor system performance. Additionally, when organisations seek to merge or encounter the need to change business systems, data often needs to be cleansed, consolidated and migrated.


We offer extensive expertise in performing data cleansing, merging and migration support services. Our proven methodologies, regardless of business systems, ensures the appropriate level of planning and communication is undertaken to manage expectations, data mapping is completed accurately from the start, and comprehensive test plans are prepared to validate the change in data and use of such data. We also facilitate sustainable quality assurance and user acceptance testing processes to validate that the data integrity has been achieved and is behaving in business systems as intended. Issues typically emerge, and discipline is required to thoroughly investigate and resolve such issues, before proceeding to live operation.

Business intelligence, reporting and information sharing


Reliance on business intelligence including management, performance, compliance and client reporting is critical to any organisation's decision making and success. With accurate, relevant and timely information  available, management and stakeholders can promptly focus their attention on the priorities.

With combined business and systems knowledge, we assist our clients with designing and developing their business intelligence, reporting and information sharing solutions necessary to drive business strategies, measure and enhance awareness of performance, operationally comply and analyse client value.


We also offer our clients assistance in evaluating and selecting the best-fit business analytics or reporting tools.

Training and education program delivery

During any business transformation, planning and delivering a quality training and education program is fundamental to achieving sustainable change.


To assist our clients with business transformation, we offer training, education and support program services including design, delivery and evaluation deploying modern learning mediums that encompass adult learning principles. Our proven methodologies focus on new ways of working and learning sustainability to ensure stakeholder adoption and satisfaction as well as achieving the desired business benefits.

Business systems support


When critical stakeholders are absent due to internal project requirements or unplanned absences, business-as-usual responsibilities need to continue to effectively keep the cogs turning.


Our team of experienced consultants offer extensive capabilities to perform operational responsibilities that are focused on business systems hygiene, clearing financial system imbalances, and performing month-end reporting support. We take a flexible approach to how we structure such support services, which depends on the level of our client’s needs and budget.

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Focused on the Fundamentals

Focused on the Fundamentals

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