Strategic planning and advisory services


As industries evolve, business strategies need to be revisited to enhance services and delivery methods, modernise operations and introduce new technologies to maintain competitiveness and market share.


To assist our clients to review and update their business strategies, we facilitate a strategic planning process with key stakeholders designed to unveil opportunities for innovation and improvement, along with crystallising the benefits, risks and change impact on the business.


Through our independence, we offer unbiased advice based on our global and local insights and experience in introducing and implementing best-practice business initiatives.

Business innovation or process improvement studies


With emerging markets and industry disruptors, the need to review and modernise practices is paramount. With steady development of new technologies, the opportunities to update business systems and processes to eliminate unnecessary complexity and inefficiency are more readily available.


To assist our clients to recognise such opportunities, we recommend undertaking a business innovation or process improvement study. Our approach is to facilitate collaborative workshops, analyse and map current business processes (front-office and back-office), identify and map future business processes, along with providing recommendations and solutions to transform the status quo and provide a positive impact on stakeholder motivation.


It is often easier for stakeholders to embrace any change recommended when there is visibility of the differences between the current practices and what could be.

Change management (program design and delivery)


Precision of the balancing act ensures harmony. Introducing change can be exhilarating for some and for others causes apprehension, anxiety and fear. Expectations can become high, motivation levels can drop, pressure grows and stakeholders can lose sight of the drivers for change.


Intelligent organisations introduce change management strategies and initiatives to enable innovation cultures to form, stakeholder acceptance and adoption, and business sustainability. Key to any change management program is the appropriate level of communication and setting the right expectations to prepare stakeholders for simple change or transformation.


To assist our clients to manage change effectively, we ensure the change management program is aligned to the organisation’s culture and prepares stakeholders to embrace the change through their engagement in the program. We manage change from a 'matrix' perspective ensuring the sponsors, stakeholders and the transition team are actively engaged to implement the deliverables together, minimising disruption and increasing productivity.

Change impact assessment


Change impact assessments are often performed as a means to engage sponsors and stakeholders in the change and to create transparency on the journey ahead.


To assist our clients, we offer a simple approach to performing a change impact assessment, or a complex approach incorporating a cost-benefit analysis. Either approach provides the opportunity to bring the anticipated change to life and includes business benefits, potential challenges, actions for communication, and opportunities to deliver quick wins.

Risk assessment and mitigation


Analysing risks associated with implementing change is critical to ensure operational stability is not sacrificed. Change projects that experience varying degrees of failure typically lack sufficient structure, proven methodologies, project management expertise, realistic time-frames and a practical budget that matches the scope of the change.


To assist our clients to undertake a risk assessment, we use a framework that captures essential criterion designed to measure and mitigate the risks identified. The outcome of the assessment provides transparency for the sponsors, stakeholders and transition team to identify how to get the change project either back on track, or highlights what to consider when planning the next change project.

Mergers and acquisitions


A competitive business environment sometimes leads to organisations merging or being acquired. This is often a time of upheaval for those involved including shareholders, staff, suppliers and business partners.

To assist our clients to focus on the value being created by the union, we offer expert advice and support in managing the change. Our practical approach ensures a smooth transition including assisting with structural changes, technology and business process alignment, integration, data merging and migration, report consolidation, training and support.

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Focused on the Fundamentals

Focused on the Fundamentals

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