Technology reviews and road maps


As the world embraces modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chain, digitisation, collaboration and mobilisation, it is important for our clients to understand what is available and how best to integrate such technologies within their existing environment.


To help our clients with a technology review, we seek to understand their business strategies and culture, review their existing technologies, unique ways of working, client demands and competitor threats. Armed with this information, together with our insights in technologies available, we recommend solutions to achieve business objectives and benefits through the delivery of a road map. The road map aims to visualise the future environment and provides rationale on why our clients should adopt such technologies.

Systems evaluation, selection and negotiations


With many technologies and business systems and tools available, it is often challenging to ascertain which are best suited to our clients needs and how best to negotiate a great deal.


To assist our clients in making the right decisions, we share our insights on the available technologies and business systems and our experience in working with the product vendors. Our independent status ensures our clients receive unbiased advice and an evaluation framework to effectively select the right solutions to meet business objectives. We also assist our clients with negotiating favourable prices and terms, and evaluating the overall cost/benefit considerations.

Systems implementation


Modern business systems are built with highly configurable and/or customisable functionality as a means of accommodating unique business needs. While extremely beneficial in today’s ever-changing world, this can create complexities with the implementation of such business systems.


To educate our clients and assist them with the effective implementation of business systems, we take the time to ensure that the design and configuration meets the practical needs of the business and provides opportunities to embrace organisational efficiencies.


Our systems implementation service offerings include project (or program) planning and management, change management, business process transformation, data cleansing and migration support, integration, training and implementation support.


Business systems we have assisted to implement include practice management, case or matter management, document management, document assembly, client relationship management and human resources information management systems. We have also assisted our clients with managing the implementation of business solutions such as passive time, cost recovery, expense management, digital scanning and signatures, workflow and collaboration.  

Business solutions design, development and testing


Despite the growing need for standardisation to deliver more for less, customised business-to-business (aka B2B) solutions designed for collaboration continue to be necessary when technology has not advanced enough to achieve shared business benefits between our clients and their clients.  


To assist our clients in delivering unique business solutions, we offer expertise in designing, developing, testing and deploying such solutions to bridge technology gaps, automate business processes and to provide the effective means for direct collaboration. We also offer similar services to effectively integrate existing business systems, introduce workflow and approvals, and create dashboards and notifications for information sharing.

System upgrades


Modernisation, maintaining performance, meeting compliance and obtaining compatibility to integrate business systems are some of the reasons why system upgrades are essential.


To assist our clients to navigate through a system upgrade in collaboration with the product vendors, we plan and manage the transition to ensure business benefits are achieved and disruption is minimised. We encourage our clients to take advantage of reviewing and alleviating inefficiencies, which may include the need for additional functionality, improved performance, process automation and mobility.

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Focused on the Fundamentals

Focused on the Fundamentals

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