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Our expertise is in building strategies for change, supporting operations, implementing technology change, and increasing process efficiency through digitisation, automation and mobility.


Our consulting services enable proven methodologies to be shared with our clients to assist with agility in terms of implementation and obtaining the opportunity to realise business benefits earlier. 


Our advisory services are unbiased and enable our invaluable insights, skills and experience to be leveraged to help innovate, improve and deliver desired outcomes.

Services provided by us create a diverse offering for our clients enabling complex business and systems change to be delivered more timely and cost effectively, while allowing business-as-usual activities to continue.



Strategic planning and advisory services

Business innovation or process improvement studies

Change management (program design and delivery)

Change impact assessment

Risk assessment and mitigation

Mergers and acquisitions


Project management 

Project evaluation

Data cleansing, merging and migration support

Business intelligence, reporting and information sharing

Training and education program delivery

Business systems support


Technology reviews and road maps

Systems evaluation, selection and negotiations

Systems implementation

Business solutions design, systems development and testing

System upgrades


Business process transformation

Document production improvements

Knowledge management and collaboration


Focused on the Fundamentals

Focused on the Fundamentals

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Harriss Wagner


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