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Proudly celebrating 20 years of service

Harriss Wagner is proud to celebrate 20 years in business and sends thanks to our valued clients and friends, who have kindly supported us in achieving this noteworthy milestone. Our journey has been a test of our endurance having experienced a number of ‘black swan’ events throughout the 20 years.


The uncertainty of the Dot-com crash, September 11 terrorist attack, the SARS epidemic, the Global Financial Crisis, BREXIT and now the COVID-19 pandemic have helped us to develop resilience, remain tenacious and address business challenges head on. We have learned the importance of maintaining the fundamentals during challenging times, and the same during prosperous times, which has led us to our many successes.


We follow the ’20-mile march’ principles, maintaining consistency in the way we manage business and focus on delivering value to our clients, irrespective of the conditions. It takes an enormous amount of discipline by our dedicated team to uphold these principles and we truly believe that it’s our discipline that has contributed to our longevity. We look forward to the many years ahead as we strive to be the best in our field.

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