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Life on earth is inconceivable without change

 22 September 2021

It is not what you look at, but what you see

Technology is part of our lives and continues to play a central role in creating a healthy business. Therefore, pouring hours into producing outputs manually is no longer modern and it does not fit with our need to deliver on the demands


Mens 2000 Freestyle team.png

3:13.67 is no longer the standard to strive for!

 9 September 2021

During the recent Tokyo Olympic Games many of us were in awe of the outstanding performances of individuals and teams who in total achieved 17 new world records. Reflecting on the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, some sporting fans still reminisce the excitement and build up to the men’s (4 x 100 metre) freestyle event . . .


Dry July.jpg

Supporting Redkite and childhood cancer research during Dry July

 24 June 2021

The Harriss Wagner team will be going Dry during July. Please support our journey by donating what you can afford during these challenging times to Redkite, a beneficiary of the Dry July foundation. Many thanks in advance for your support.  



Extracting more value from your practice management system

 20 May 2021

The practice management system is a necessity in a law firm’s business and continues to play a central role in helping to manage client relationships. Investing hours in the administration of client relationships rather than investing time in developing client relationships may provide some form of 



Testing - a quality management imperative

 24 March 2021

We often learn from our clients that testing via a proven methodology has been compromised, or worse, not been undertaken at all.


Testing is critical to the success of any system implementation, upgrade or update to functionality. It enables confidence to be gained to proceed to 


Will smart technologies replace the need for premium office space?

 25 November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental in teaching businesses, particularly those within knowledge-based industries, how to operate in a more agile manner. Rapid deployment of technologies to cater for the early lockdowns and uncertainties caused by the pandemic meant that businesses were forced to accept and actively adopt change.  


Confidence, efficiency and productivity

 23 September 2020

Confidence in your systems is greatly enhanced with cleansed data, not to mention, efficiency and productivity gains when supporting modern processes and automation.


A Long View

16 September 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has re-calibrated our beliefs. We have learned that we can work from home with the aid of modern technologies thus improving our productivity by eliminating the daily commute. We have also learned to operate without reliance on ‘at hand’ secretarial support that we once thought was . . . 


Business support systems

 31 August 2020

Working from home due to COVID-19 has amplified the need for healthy and well-maintained business systems

Over the past two decades we have witnessed law firms evolve from their intensive, manual-based business systems to the digital world for entity . . . 

work-remotely (1).jpg

Working through an epoch: the COVID-19 pandemic

29 July 2020

Will the office of the future become the ‘meeting’ place, rather than the ‘workplace’?

Who could have predicted the challenges of working and running a business in 2020? We can’t play down the enormous impact the COVID-19 pandemic . . . 

20 years of service.jpg

Proudly celebrating 20 years service

17 July 2020

Harriss Wagner is proud to celebrate 20 years in business and sends thanks to our valued clients and friends, who have kindly supported us in achieving this noteworthy milestone. Our journey has been a test of our endurance having experienced a number of ‘black swan’ events throughout the 20 years.

The upside of customisations.jpg

The upside of customisations

29 June 2020

Sometimes the smallest of changes can provide the biggest impact.

The business needs of every organisation differ, and therefore system requirements differ. Many rightfully argue there is not one system that meets every requirement your organisation wants or needs, often leading to the . . . 

Phone and Notepad full.jpg

Introducing legal process improvements 

1  June 2020

At the coalface of the digital age, combined with unprecedented times from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear there is a need for ‘step change’ across the legal industry to digitise or automate more. Many law firms have made invest. . . 


10 tips to achieve successful data migration

30 April 2020

Implementing a new practice management system is not a simple undertaking even after the system evaluation, selection and contract negotiations are complete. With demands associated with getting the system design and configuration right, integrations development, process transformation, train. . . 


Creating new perspectives in unprecedented times

25 March 2020

What’s the likelihood of creating a bright new future you can’t yet imagine? Armed with the insights of others and unprecedented times, new perspectives can emerge. 

Unprecedented times compel us to find new ways of working and to modern. . .

Adopt a Koala.jpg

Our way of helping bushfire victims like Harriett

23 March 2020

Australia is recovering from a nationwide bushfire emergency. More than 12 million hectares of Australian land has been burnt. Upon witnessing these tragic events, we have been very mindful and sympathetic to all Australians who have been impacted by this terrifying disaster. In particular, those who . . .


Australian Open 2020

22 January 2020

Delightful and relaxing day shared with many of our clients at AO 2020 this week sighting Ash Barty flying the flag for Australia and Novak Djokovic 

serving in fine form. Thank you for joining us ABL, Allens, HFW, Macquarie Bank, Norton Rose, Russell Kennedy & Wisewould Mahony.

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