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"We are very  happy with the automation solution implemented. The most important improvement for my team is the day-to-day workload. It's now such a smooth operation."

Pam Hall, Finance Manager, Macpherson Kelley

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Progressive firms probe the future in search of competitive advantage

13 May 2024

As progressive firm’s probe the future to search for competitive advantages, rapid developments with technologies including AI often makes this an obvious 


Why risk a data conversion disaster?

8 May 2024

Changing a law firm’s practice management system often occurs every ten to fifteen years. Alternatively, when organisation's merge or are acquired, data consolidation between the parties becomes necessary. The drivers for change.


Harriss Wagner sponsors 2024 Elite Vantage Conference

 19 March 2024

Harriss Wagner is pleased to be supporting the Legal industry by recently sponsoring Elite Vantage 2024 in Sydney. The conference was opened with Mark Dorman (Global CEO) and Elisabet Hardy (Global Head of Product). 


Harriss Wagner sponsors the 17th Managing Partners Forum

 15 March 2024

Harriss Wagner Consultants & Advisers is a proud supporter of the legal industry and is pleased to have sponsored the Chilli IQ 17th Managing Partners Forum in Byron Bay.

Built with Integrity.png

Built with Integrity - Delivering value with visible benefits

 9 February 2024

Law firms engage Harriss Wagner to improve their profitability, increase revenue growth, lower operating costs, gain greater market share and enhance the service delivery experience for their clients. 

Australasian Lawyer Service Providers Awards Medal.PNG

Harriss Wagner recognised by Australasian Lawyer with a Service Provider Award for 2023

 6 December 2023

Recognised by Australasian Lawyer with a Service Provider Award for 2023, Harriss Wagner has been driven for over two decades by the vision of its . . 

Five reason change interventions fail (1).png

Five change management principles that deliver results

 30 November 2023

Change is generally recognised as a means of improving living standards, work practices and productivity. However, change presents many uncertainties and insecurities for individuals, communities and organisations. In our experience 

Dog and Tech .png

Law firm technology - is the tail wagging the dog?

 5 September 2023

In this rapidly changing and fiercely competitive market, it has become clear that the use of technology is critical to success. So have law firms got technology in perspective?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication_edited_edited.jpg

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

 31 August 2023

Business growth and evolution is a desired outcome of successful businesses. Structures evolve, new technologies are introduced, regulations and compliance requirements change, and business processes are adjusted . . .


Harriss Wagner recognised for eco sustainable practices

 17 August 2023

Harriss Wagner is proud to be recognised with a Silver Sustainability Rating from Paris based eco certifier EcoVadis. Rated at the 83rd percentile compared to over 100,000 other organisations worldwide for our commitment to. . .


Macquarie Bank – Future of Property Law

8 August 2023

Automation of processes is being introduced into business systems, along with B2B (business to business) integration where high-volume transactions are at play for portfolio management. In addition to the success of chatbots 

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The sands have shifted - now what?

 26 April 2023

Have you ever returned to your favourite holiday destination to find the surroundings have changed. What was once a quiet hamlet is now commercialised with many more tourists on the streets than you once . . . 


In Vino Veritas wine tasting

 3 March 2023

Harriss Wagner's 'In Vino Veritas' wine tasting at the Chilli iQ 16th MPF 2023 was a great success with many delegates enjoying the local wine from The Overflow Estate 1895. Local viticulturist, Hamish Briner, provided valuable . . .

Chilli IQ 16th Managing Partners Forum 2023.png

Harriss Wagner sponsors the Chilli iQ 16th Managing Partners Forum 2023

 3 March 2023

Harriss Wagner was pleased to be a Gold Sponsor at the Chilli iQ 16th Managing Partners Forum 2023. The many interesting speakers outlined . . .

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Extracting peak performance from your automation investment

 28 November 2022

There are probably no surprises when comparing Australia’s census data of the past twenty years that it reveals a shift towards an ageing population. Indeed, the Federal Government has voiced concerns regarding the impact an ageing . .


Is automation the answer to an ageing population?

 2 November 2022

There are probably no surprises when comparing Australia’s census data of the past twenty years that it reveals a shift towards an ageing population. Indeed, the Federal Government has voiced concerns regarding the impact an ageing . .

He who represents himself has a fool for a client.png

He who represents himself has a fool for a client

 2 November 2022

Most of us will call a plumber if there is water leaking from the ceiling, and similarly, a licenced builder when planning a home extension. Presumably the reason we engage professionals is because we want the risk mitigated. . .

ROI multiple.jpg

What is your ROI multiple?

 19 August 2022

Contemplating whether to invest in a product or service requires a decision. Some decisions come easily like deciding on which chocolate bar to indulge in this afternoon.


Keep it simple

 29 June 2022

Einstein once said, "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction."


Old practices limit value in a modern world

 30 April 2022

Well-designed business processes including integration and mobilisation consigns past legacies to becoming relics from a bygone era and allows human capital to be utilised far more effectively.


Familiarity can be the enemy of progress!

 31 March 2022

Human-interest stories are frequently published citing a person or people facing an avoidable tragedy. Stories such as Australia’s cricket legend, Shane Warne, who recently lost his life to heart disease that some would debate may 

changing conditions.png

Changing conditions needs change management

 23 February 2022

During organisation-wide transformation, large numbers of people need to be brought along the journey to help them understand, why the change is necessary, how the change will unfold and the direct impact the change will . . .


Harriss Wagner offers pro bono services for not-for-profit 

 23 December 2021

“Harriss Wagner’s involvement in driving our technology transition program has had a profound impact on the support and services that Cana is now able to offer those people in need.”  Ian Dardis, Board Director             

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How do you know you’re winning if you don’t know the score

 30 November 2021

Have you ever watched a game of football, netball, tennis or any sport without there being a scoreboard? Imagine how confusing it would be not knowing which team or player was winning and by what margin. Not only is a . . . 


Business transformation projects are not for the faint hearted

 29 October 2021

If you required quadruple heart surgery how many times would you accept as a minimum the number of procedures your Cardiologist had previously performed?  Would it be five, ten, fifty or hundreds of times? The number will 


Getting it right and avoiding danger on the road ahead

 22 October 2021

As many will attest, purchasing a new car can be an emotional process, particularly for those who see their car as more than a commodity that ferries them from A to B. There are many considerations that typically includes its  . . . 


Life on earth is inconceivable without change

 22 September 2021

Technology is part of our lives and continues to play a central role in creating a healthy business. Therefore, pouring hours into producing outputs manually is no longer modern and it does not fit with our need to deliver on the demands . .


3:13.67 is no longer the standard to strive for!

 9 September 2021

During the recent Tokyo Olympic Games many of us were in awe of the outstanding performances of individuals and teams who in total achieved 17 new world records. Reflecting on the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, some . . . 

Dry July.jpg

Supporting Redkite and childhood cancer research during Dry July

 24 June 2021

The Harriss Wagner team will be going Dry during July. Please support our journey by donating what you can afford during these challenging times to Redkite, a beneficiary of the Dry July foundation. Many thanks in advance . . .


Extracting more value from your practice management system

 20 May 2021

The practice management system is a necessity in a law firm’s business and continues to play a central role in helping to manage client relationships. Investing hours in the administration of client relationships rather than . . . 


Testing - a quality management imperative

 24 March 2021

We often learn from our clients that testing via a proven methodology has been compromised, or worse, not been undertaken at all. Testing is critical to the success of any system implementation, upgrade or update to functionality . . . 


Will smart technologies replace the need for premium office space?

 25 November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental in teaching businesses, particularly those within knowledge-based industries, how to operate in a more agile manner. Rapid deployment of technologies to cater for the early . . .


Confidence, efficiency and productivity

 23 September 2020

Confidence in your systems is greatly enhanced with cleansed data, not to mention, efficiency and productivity gains when supporting modern processes and automation.


A Long View

16 September 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has re-calibrated our beliefs. We have learned that we can work from home with the aid of modern technologies thus improving our productivity by eliminating the daily commute. We have also learned to . . .


Business support systems

 31 August 2020

Working from home due to COVID-19 has amplified the need for healthy and well-maintained business systems

Over the past two decades we have witnessed law firms evolve from their . . . 

work-remotely (1).jpg

Working through an epoch: the COVID-19 pandemic

29 July 2020

Will the office of the future become the ‘meeting’ place, rather than the ‘workplace’?

Who could have predicted the challenges of working and running a business

20 years of service.jpg

Proudly celebrating 20 years service

17 July 2020

Harriss Wagner is proud to celebrate 20 years in business and sends thanks to our valued clients and friends, who have kindly supported us in achieving this noteworthy milestone. Our journey has been a test of our endurance having . . . 

The upside of customisations.jpg

The upside of customisations

29 June 2020

Sometimes the smallest of changes can provide the biggest impact.

The business needs of every organisation differ, and therefore system requirements differ. Many rightfully argue there is not one system that . . . 

Phone and Notepad full.jpg

Introducing legal process improvements 

1  June 2020

At the coalface of the digital age, combined with unprecedented times from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear there is a need for ‘step change’ across the legal industry to digitise or automate more. Many law firms have made invest . .

Data Migration.png

10 tips to achieve successful data migration

30 April 2020

Implementing a new practice management system is not a simple undertaking even after the system evaluation, selection and contract negotiations are complete. With demands associated with getting the system design and . . . 


Creating new perspectives in unprecedented times

25 March 2020

What’s the likelihood of creating a bright new future you can’t yet imagine? Armed with the insights of others and unprecedented times, new perspectives can emerge . . .

Adopt a Koala.jpg

Our way of helping bushfire victims like Harriett

23 March 2020

Australia is recovering from a nationwide bushfire emergency. More than 12 million hectares of Australian land has been burnt. Upon witnessing these tragic events, we have been very mindful and sympathetic to all Australians . . .


Australian Open 2020

22 January 2020

Delightful and relaxing day shared with many of our clients at AO 2020 this week sighting Ash Barty flying the flag for Australia and Novak Djokovic serving in fine form. Thank you for joining us ABL, Allens, HFW, Macquarie .. .

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