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Testing - a quality management imperative

We often learn from our clients that testing via a proven methodology has been compromised, or worse, not been undertaken at all.


Testing is critical to the success of any system implementation, upgrade or update to functionality. It enables confidence to be gained to proceed to operation and contractual obligations with the system vendor to be fulfilled. There are numerous types of tests required to be undertaken throughout an implementation, upgrade or update - each designed for a specific purpose.


Quality assurance testing ensures any errors in the data that may have been migrated are unveiled and opportunities for data cleansing plans to be created and executed. Poor data in any system always results in high operational costs. Process testing validates the processing of the migrated data together with new data, along with proving the functionality, configuration decisions made, customisations and security. Despite any system deployed by other firms before you, your system will indeed always be unique to you in terms of processes. User acceptance testing (aka UAT) provides a selection of power users the opportunity to validate their processes on behalf of your business, along with providing valuable feedback that needs to be actioned. UAT needs to be an integral part of your change management program.


The benefits of testing and risks of not testing are often overlooked when there is a lack of experience, no methodology or pressure due to insufficient resourcing to deliver the implementation, upgrade or update. The consequences of this oversight will be the cost of the long-term disruption to your business, which outweighs any cost savings anticipated from the short-cuts or ad hoc approach that has been taken.  


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Maria Grimaldi, Manager , Harriss Wagner Consultants and Advisers

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