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An agile approach to change.

While an agile approach to change can alter the way business transformation and technology projects are managed, the approach may not work for every business. Does this approach work for your organisation?


Under traditional waterfall methods, change is often delivered all at once towards the end of a project. In contrast, agile change is carried out continuously with business solutions delivered incrementally, generally every few weeks or months, enabling stakeholders to better understand, digest and adopt the concepts of the strategy. While agile change provides many benefits, including more frequent stakeholder engagement, it is important to note that the concept may not work for all businesses. For slow adopters of business transformation and technology, the success of the approach will largely depend on how ready the organisation is for change, the type of project and the impact of the change on the organisation. Above all else, the most compelling consideration is whether agile change will work for your organisation. To identify the real benefits, we recommend undertaking a basic assessment to disclose key considerations during planning and before embarking on this type of change:  


  • How willing are the key stakeholders of your organisation to engage in the strategy? Undoubtedly, stakeholder engagement contributes to the success of any change. However for some organisations, the characteristics of agile change are considered costly, time consuming and disruptive.

  • How willing are the stakeholders in your organisation to adopt and embrace the new ways of working? Bearing in mind that the agile approach is based around continuous change, it may be challenging for many individuals to cope with any change, let alone continuous change.

  • How will the change be managed? It is imperative that organisations consider the necessary skills, experience and processes required to drive the change.


Agile change provides an alternative way to manage business transformation. The approach can be effective if the organisation is aware of the stakeholders’ propensity to adopt the concepts of the strategy and embrace continuous change.    


Lauren Bartlett, Business Consultant

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