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Now is the time to leap ahead with a step change

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Who we are

We are renowned for partnering with our clients to help modernise their operations and achieve the desired benefits.

Our evolution

When we established in 2000, our vision was to shape the future of law firms in Australasia. With rapid growth, our engagements extended to working within the Asia, Europe and North America regions. Today, our world-class team of consultants possess a wealth of insight and experience, which is fundamental to delivering value for our clients. 

Our role as an industry leader is to identify opportunities where innovation can be introduced and efficiency can be improved for our clients, which in turn, provides opportunity for competitive advantage when it comes to servicing their clients. It is very satisfying to know that helping our clients introduce step-change improvements over the years has steadily assisted our mission to modernise the industry. 


Evolution of the legal industry has hastened in recent years through globalisation, advanced technologies, economic disruptions and a change in the relationship between our clients and their clients. To adapt to these changes, we have also evolved by broadening our services and the industries we support.

Exceeding expectations

Many consultants and advisers attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Although such consultants and advisers may offer similar services, they often are in fact, dissimilar in terms of important factors such as value, reliability and approach.


We invest in learning about our clients. We seek to understand what is necessary and important to them, and together, determine the best approach to be undertaken to help achieve their business objectives and quality outcomes. 

Our proximity with the most sensitive of business issues shared by our clients establishes a relationship of integrity, trust and mutual respect. Partnering with our clients to assist in delivering their business innovation and improvement projects with a results-focused approach, is what our clients say separates Harriss Wagner from others.

Our People



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