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Maximising value during the data migration process

The largest investment when replacing a practice management system is data migration, with the outcomes having a major impact on business continuity. Why not use this investment to provide the best opportunity to minimise risk, while maximising the value of the outcomes?

An oft-made, ‘easy’ decision is to elect to take all data from the legacy practice management system into the new system. That should satisfy data retention compliance requirements and allow for full historical reporting should the need arise. The downside is spending time and costs on data that will not add value to the business, and potentially hinder the migration process. Older data often has greater data integrity issues, which cause more effort to map, test and resolve over multiple migrations required to prove the data migration process.

Our recommendation is to invest in effective analysis of the data scope to migrate, which will minimise the risk downstream.

Focused on the Fundamentals

Focused on the Fundamentals

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