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Harriss Wagner develops investment account automation to expand our client's digital portfolio

Our client, an Australian Investment Bank, engaged Harriss Wagner to help expand its digital portfolio by developing an integration that automates investment (controlled monies) account processes between Macquarie and its clients.


Our client's strong reputation in providing investment account management services is further enhanced by this initiative. The integration is designed to streamline and automate investment account processing covering account creation and closure, applying interest, withholding tax, deposits and withdrawals, facilitating EFT payments and bank reconciliation. The integration is fully compliant with Bank’s anti-money laundering requirements and operates over a secure link between the Bank's systems and its clients’ systems.

Unlike other integrations, Harriss Wagner has designed a packaged, standalone application that is easy to implement and maintain. Releases are undertaken periodically to provide further value from enhancements. The application is modular in nature, including standardised core functionality with client system-specific configuration and integration points built-in for a number of leading practice management systems. This ensures a long life-cycle and flexibility should a client change their internal systems.

Testimonials from the law firms operating with the integration highlight an immediate increase in efficiency, automation of high-volume transactions, streamlined processes, reduction in staff costs and data integrity improvements.

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