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Smart app + clear strategy = user adoption

Smart applications (‘apps’) are typically agile to build and implement and can be relatively inexpensive. Apps bring data-driven insights and actionable steps to the user experience and are best when they are focussed on a specific process, functionality gap or efficiency pain point. However, it is important to not be seduced by the opportunities an app can offer to resolve a business problem as apps are not always the silver bullet.


Listening to our clients, we often learn that their businesses enthusiastically acquired (or developed) an app only to later find that the app does not meet the real needs of the business and sometimes results in the introduction of inefficiencies. This can occur if the narrow focus of the app has not been considered in the broader ecosystem, or if a plethora of apps have led to an unwieldy and disparate user experience.


A clear problem statement, a well-scoped sustainable solution (one that achieves the business objective), and a strategy with coherent actions are key to overcoming this challenge. Also required are tangible benefits, a complementary budget, Executive commitment, and an engagement plan to inspire adoption.

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