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Harriss Wagner shares industry insights with Thomson Reuters' Executives at Vantage 2017 APAC Regional Conference

With the benefit of Harriss Wagner’s comprehensive reach across the legal industry, Amanda Harriss (Partner) was invited again this year to share her insights with the Thomson Reuters' Executives in the Industry Experts session at the Vantage 2017 Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Sydney.

Key insights Amanda shared to address some of the challenges for law firms:

  • Elite Workspace to extend to law firm's clients to assist with collaboration and transparency, and providing cost savings by eliminating the need for IT teams to build separate client portals;

  • BI reporting to enable leading indicators providing predictive analysis in addition to lagging indicators ensuring lawyers obtain visibility to better project manage and communicate certainty to clients on matter projections and billings; and 

  • Passive time to be introduced into the Elite ecosystem, given smart technology should be transparent, eliminating labour-intensive actions and unruly behaviours by our lawyers of the future.  

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